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Adventurous British made Niche Fragrances

4160Tuesdays is an artisan perfumery based in London. Where they've been hand-making adventurous scents since 2011. They create all of their perfumes in small batches of 50-200 bottles at their Hammersmith studio. Their perfumes are inspired by a place or a person at a certain moment, and created by head perfumer, Sarah McCartney (who isn't related to any of the other more famous McCartneys but she does get asked quite often). 4160 Tuesdays like to make all of our world a lovelier place. Starting with the small space around them and working outwards. 4160 Tuesdays stands out from other niche fragrance brands not just because it’s British, creative, witty and pioneering, but for an indie house handmaking all of their fragrances, they are unusually affordable. "We want everyone who’s interested in fragrance to be able to try them' says Sarah.


Niche fragrances are springing up in Britain as people realise that the big perfume houses of Paris are just too mass market. And if we are honest expensive for what you get. This is one of the reason many people are moving to niche fragrances. To try and find their personal scent. One that says much more about themselves than a mass market perfume that everyone wears.


4160 Tuesdays are small batch perfumes worn and appreciated by people with a sense of adventure, willing to push their fragrance boundaries. Willing to stand out in the crowd and take a risk. With a wide range of scents there will be a fragrance that will unleash you cheekier, wilder and more adventurous side.

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