Modern Aesthetic - Organic Simplicity

Issy White is a jeweller who turns elements of the great British countryside into elegant pieces of contemporary jewellery that pay homage to their heritage.


Her work is all about capturing the uniquely beautiful form of the land around us. From her studio on the edge of Epping Forest, Issy goes on foraging adventures, searching for tiny instances of Mother Nature’s treasures – like a fallen acorn, peeling tree bark, or an asymmetric sycamore seed. With the help of metalsmiths in Hatton Garden – the largest jewellery quarter in Britain, with a history that stretches back to the 19th Century – Issy uses a technique known as ‘lost wax casting’ to transform her foraged finds into gold, silver and bronze wonders. Back in her studio, she carefully manipulates the metal – priming and polishing, bending and burnishing, helping the organic shape to fit the contours of our own natural bodies.


Issy White’s work is bonded with the forests and fields of Britain. It is living jewellery, to live with forever.


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