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Designer Handmade Sunglasses

Handcrafted designer sunglasses beautifully created on the shore of Loch Banton

Elegant, simple and refined. Just how the perfect handmade sunglasses should be. The founders behind Banton Frameworks are Lucy Ross and Jamie Bartlett. Scottish sunglasses might seem like an anomaly, but the sun actually shines twenty five per cent of the time in Scotland. In fact, the east coast of Scotland has less rain than Barcelona or Rabat. And well, wearing British made sunglasses in any weather gives you that certain flair. Even indoors, if they look as good as the styles from Banton Frameworks.From their workshop on the shores of Loch Banton, Lucy and Jamie have been cultivating the Banton Frameworks brand for the last 6 years. They are dedicated to creating British made sunglasses which are true to this claim. Manufactured solely on these shores. Banton Frameworks bucks the trend of companies using the cache ‘Designed in Britain’ but not going the whole way to live up to that promise.


Exquisitely made with the finest materials. Whether you choose to show off the pure class of their tortoiseshell frames or something more simple like grey or black. Each of their handmade sunglasses is designed to see you through rain or shine in timeless fashion. One of the founders of Banton Frameworks, Jamie, says this of the eyewear manufacturing in Britain – ‘Britain used to have a thousand or more eyewear manufacturers. Producing over 5 million frames per year. Sadly those days have long gone and there are only a handful of manufacturers still here.’ Banton Frameworks ethos is simple. Exquisitely designed and hand-crafted with the finest materials that are made to last. They believe as a young company and the next generation of designers that they have a responsibility to help resuscitate British manufacturing. In fact, they believe it is their duty.


The history of British manufacturing and craftsmanship have had a huge influence on their reason for being. They believe some of the world’s greatest manufacturers, craftsmen and artisans come from these shores. And not to utilise these skills in their handmade sunglasses would be a trick missed.

So whether you choose tortoise, blue, black or grey frames from their range of British made sunglasses? You can be safe in the knowledge that these styles are not designed for one season. Each of the designer sunglasses crafted by Banton Frameworks has a timeless silhouette that will last many seasons. Come rain or shine. They are unmistakably modern yet classic at the same time.


When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of sunnies, Banton Frameworks knows exactly how to craft effortlessly beautiful frames. Plus, each pair is designed well, made well, right here in Britain.


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