Handcrafted Kitchen Essentials

If you are looking for bar & kitchen accessories that are made in Britain? Then Sir Gordon Bennett is with you. You’ve got the perfect kitchen space or bar and you’re proud of it. Now, you just need the perfect bar & kitchen essentials to make it work. The things that add some real depth to the place where you’ll be making delicious meals or entertaining guests. The beating heart of any home.


So, you should adorn it with unique bar & kitchenware that tells a story or that represents you. This is where our selection of gorgeously handcrafted bar & kitchen products comes in. Because we’ve curated a list of British kitchenware and classic barware from some of the finest crafters working in the industry around Britain at the moment. You won’t find ordinary here. Amongst the range of British made kitchenware that we’ve brought together are items crafted with exquisite care. Uniquely British goods that show off the quality manufacturing that it’s so easy to forget we as a nation are capable of.


But if you’re looking for luxury homeware, we can help there too. Or stylish desk accessories for your home office? We’ve got you covered…

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