Coffee Table Books

Books are one of the greatest inventions of humanity, in ways that are almost innumerable. A good book allows for the discovery of entirely new facets of this world; whether that’s an interest, a location, culture, history or skill … the list is endless.

Finding that perfect book gift for someone is more than just giving them something to while away the hours. It’s a gift of exploration, of learning and of fulfilment. When you gift someone a British book that they will love, you’re offering a journey, the length and breadth of Britain

This is why we’re dedicated to not only celebrating the best coffee table books that celebrate British manufacturers and artisans but also those that photograph British culture in all its guises. For those moments where only ink and paper will do the job. When only the heft of an expertly crafted book will soothe your soul, whether that’s to enjoy leafing through London’s history, to ascertain the meaning of manners and etiquette  or discover unique British culture.

Book Gifts

From titles that explore British style, the rich history of craft and design or are simply satisfying collections of place and the people of Great Britain, our book collection is designed to be more than just coffee table books.

They’re to be read, enjoyed, shared with loved ones. And that makes our titles perfect book gifts for those that enjoy the finer things in life, like the smell of a new book.

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