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Handcrafted leather milkman satchels made in Wales

What began as Peter Jones Leather Works in Abergavenny almost 50 years ago is now Brit-Stitch. They have a thoroughly modern take on a traditional iconic leather bag. Their 'Milkman' satchel is a design that has its roots in the local milkman Toby. Over 40 years ago Toby came to Peter to ask for a new hand crafted milkman's satchel. Peter using all of his skill in his little workshop crafted a beautiful small satchel. in 2010 Toby returned, not for a new bag but for a little bit of an overhaul of his old bag. His milkman's satchel had lasted working all those years, trundling around on his early morning round. This is when the idea came about to create stylish milkmen's satchels in various colours, that will last just as long. Each satchel is modern yet steeped in traditional skills handed down the generations.


The new leather satchels that come out of Abergavenny are just as durable but come in three sizes. The traditional milkman satchel, which is perfect as an everyday bag for carrying your odds and sods. The half-pint satchel a small leather satchel for when you are on the go. And the full pint leather satchel which is perfect for carrying your mobile, tablet and books. The milkman satchels from Brit-Stitch also come in a wonderful spectrum of colours. So there should be a colour for you. In our humble opinion the black milkman satchel also makes splendid men's leather bags. Both stylish and practical they make a real statement due to their unique shape and history.


Brit-Stitch use only the finest leather for their satchels. When you own a Brit-Stitch Milkman satchel you know your satchel will last. Not only last but become your satchel and only get better over time with more use.


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