British Made Outerwear

Choosing the right clothes is one of life's great pleasures as it says so much about you. Apart from you face, it is your face to the world. That is why we have curated a wonderful collection of British made outerwear that says so much. These British made jackets, coats, smocks and overalls overalls are not only stylish but also durable and timeless. At Sir Gordon Bennett we are not about following fashion. We think that owning timeless classics say so much more how you see life. Throwaway is not a word we take lightly.  We believe clothing should get better with age. You should live in them and wear them until they wear out. Which could take a while with the British made outerwear we purvey. As all of the British manufacturers use durable and quality cloth.


Clothing is one of the biggest burdens on the planets resources so choose your clothing well and make it last. British made outerwear are generally much better for the planet and the humans that make them. These manufacturers choose their fabrics wisely. Like cotton twill, sustainable denim or hardy tweeds and do not use cheap fabrics just to make a better profit margin. This often means that the British made jackets and coats we purvey are a little more expensive. But they offer much better value, as they will last much longer. And all of the British clothing brands that we choose to join Sir Gordon Bennett make their clothes in workshops or artisan ateliers not in sweatshops. Buying British jackets or coats really is better for local economies, the craftsmen and women that work in the workshops and for the planet.


Furthermore the classic designs are not likely to go out of fashion, as they do not follow fashion. We prefer our British brands to be more traditional in both style and technique.


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