British made clothing that is more sustainable

We don’t follow fashion at SirGordonBennett, we hope to transcend fashion with the British clothing brands we purvey. We curate our clothing collection to British brands that choose to make items that are better and last longer. The British clothing brands we purvey choose their fabrics with care as not to be a burden on the world’s finite resources. Choose well and make it last, as Vivienne Westwood sagely said. We choose clothes that are timeless and classic. With classic cuts and classic styles. Whether that is a a pair of of modern heritage overalls or a simple smock for pottering around the garden or in the workshop we hope you will find some splendid clothes on Sir Gordon Bennett. All of the British clothes brands that we have curated make their clothes in a slow fashion way, workshops not sweatshops.  Handcrafted so that they wear well and last. In fact should only get better over time. Giving you that lived in look.