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Hand poured modular stackable candleware

From their Suffolk workshop Concrete & Wax create hand poured concrete candle holders and candles. Adding craftsmanship and modernity to the often twee world of candles. They are Mr Concrete and Mrs Wax. Their collection is designed to be as sustainable as possible. Relying on local craftsman and women to help their dream of beautiful and practical creations come to life. The philosophy that goes into the ever expanding Concrete & Wax collection is that they want to be a beacon of creativity. Helping others light up their imagination. Beautifying people's homes and offices with the rawness of concrete. And the harmonious light that only a candle can give. Whilst leaving the smallest footprint they possibly can.


The concrete collection from Concrete & Wax not only includes many different types of candle holders but concrete coasters too. The tactile concrete candle holders and drinks coasters come in a variety of modern colours. Such as teal and blush. They are both rustic and modern at the same time and sit just as beautifully in a modern apartment as they do in a chocolate box cottage.


Having spent so many years working in the world of fast-paced fashion. And technically evolving sports wear industry. Their aim is to create a collection of timeless artisan product. That are aesthetically pleasing, are wonderfully tactile and that are built to last. Leaving the smallest footprint they possibly can.

We hope you’ll be inspired by the Concrete & Wax collection of candleware and concrete coasters.


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