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Coniston Stonecraft fashion luxury slate products from Lake District slate.

There is something so life affirming when you handle slate. You can feel history of the world in your hands. And slate has been won from the fells of Cumbria since prehistoric times. With the Romans utilising and crafting it widely for many uses. Coniston Stonecraft has been established for over forty years. With its traditional workshop situated at the foot of  the Old Man of Coniston. Coniston Stonecraft are master stoneworkers and create unique slate homewares. From slate place mats and slate book ends to rolling pins and utensil holders.

They take their inspiration from the awe inspiring Lake District landscape to create handmade slateware from locally quarried slate. The local slate quarries have helped shape the natural landscape, and have been part of Coniston Stonecraft's heritage for years. The skills and processes required to create our products were passed down through the generations and our craftsmen rely on skills and tools of the trade that have stood the test of time. And the beauty of slate is that each product is unique. And slightly differ in colour and texture. Which means that each product is a one off for your home or kitchen.

Slate homeware from Coniston Stonecraft create unique, quality British slate products that have been handcrafted and finished to an exacting standard. Today slate is no longer used just for roofing slates; the discerning customer knows that this hardwearing, durable material can make a lovely addition to any home. Whether it’s a slate book end, a set of slate placemats or a slate utensil holder. The Westmorland Green slate or more the traditional grey slate make slate homeware and slate kitchenware that will endure and are as timeless as the Lake District itself.


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