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British Niche Perfumes of Distinction.

GALLIVANT is a multi award-winning independent perfume-maker from London, founded and created by Nick Steward. With a ‘less is more’ design ethos and a belief that a quality perfume speaks for itself; it doesn’t need to be loud and flashy. British fragrances are having a renaissance, with artisan perfume houses appearing across Britain. You can forget the big perfume houses, niche perfumes such as Gallivant are the real deal. And British niche perfumes are becoming sought after the world over. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, they are more unique than the large perfume houses. They are more interesting due to the craftsmanship and time that goes into them. And they, in general last longer because the ingredients that are used are of a better quality. This all makes up to niche perfumes that are just more individual and desirable.


Britain has a long history of exploring the world and bringing back far away cultures to these shores. Gallivant creates British scents that evoke far away cities in the same way. Discover the new world through perfume, from LA to Istanbul and from Tokyo to Bukhara. There is a scent that will take you there.


Nick uses some of the finest noses in the perfume world to create the base design at the Art et Parfum private lab in Grasse. And although their scents take you on a globetrotting olfactory journey, the scents are masterfully hand crafted in small batches in Lincolnshire. Using only the finest ingredients, Gallivant are on a mission to create some of the finest perfumes in the world right here in Britain.


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