British Made Gardening Goods

Gardening is in the DNA of Brits. And spending time in the garden or pottering around the shed are one of life's pleasures. Whether you have an estate that capability Brown would have been proud of. Or Knowing that, Sir Gordon has curated a splendid collection of British made gardening accessories. British made Garden goods that make the pastime of gardening that bit more pleasurable. From hardwearing aprons to handcrafted watering cans and artisan hand cream for after a hard day's toil in the soil. Or even a wool blankets for lazing around on the pristine lawn afterwards enjoying your hard work. We have brought together a collection of beautiful British made gardening goods that work better and last longer.


We are attempting to leave no stone unturned as we dig for British made garden brands that still manufacture in Britain. Finding these garden accessories is no easy task to unearth. But Sir Gordon Bennett is on a mission to bring you British made gardening goods, tools and other products. That not are not only work better but last longer. Too many brands use the Union Jack as a signifier of being British, but the majority of gardening tools and gardening accessories production have moved overseas. But we are not only on a mission to help you buy British...we also look for an aesthetic in everything we purvey, so your gardening accessories will look as good as your finished garden.


Whether you are lucky enough to own a sprawling estate that Capability Brown would have been proud of? A traditional English garden? Or simply small courtyard bursting with life? We believe that you should have the garden equipment that can make it the best it can be. Giving you pleasure every time you step into it making you your own version of Percy Thrower.


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