British Made Gardening Products

We Brits love to not only potter around in the garden but really get to work creating a gardening masterpiece. Whether you have a great swathe of British country side or a small courtyard garden or even a balcony that is you haven. Gardening is just as much a pleasurable pastime as it is hard graft. The joy of digging, weeding, planting and pruning is all part of the work. The joy doesn't just come from the final bloom or crop. We have curated a splendid collection of British made gardening products that will make every day you spend tending even more enjoyable.


From durable British Gardening aprons handcrafted in small workshops. To natural jute twine to help your plants and veg grow straight and true. Plus tin watering cans that are still manufactured in the traditional way in the West Midlands. And hand forged expedition scissors, made by the oldest scissor manufacturer in the western world. Which have a plethora of uses around the garden and home for that matter. All of the gardening products that we purvey not only have to do their job admirably. But for Sir Gordon Bennett to stock it it must also have an aesthetic quality to them too. They should look the part as well as do the job. We often say life is too short for ugly, surround yourself with beauty just like your garden.


We are also on the hunt for British made garden tools too. This is no easy feat as all of the famous 'British' brands now manufacture their garden tools abroad. Mainly South East Asia. But undeterred we will unearth British made garden tools that are still made by craftsmen and women.  All of our British made gardening products make 'work' in the garden more a pleasure than a chore.


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