green and heath ethical homewares with william morris fabric

Ethical and elegant homeware crafted with William Morris fabrics

Green&Heath were born out of a fascination of the charm and aesthetics of a Bygone era.  Ellen the founder sought fabrics that reflected the splendour of these halcyon days. And taking inspiration from Rocco and Baroque styles that adorned the interiors of historic Edwardian and Victorian homes. Creating homeware and soft furnishings that are in love with the Arts & Crafts movement. And the romance and passion of William Morris designs.


From their workshop in Bristol a team of skilled artisan craft each and every piece.  They believe in making things slow, using the best materials they can and making items that will look simply splendid in any home. The name Green & Heath comes from a combination of her parents surnames and Ellen's love of the countryside. Ellen explains greens and heaths are open, uncultivated grassy spaces where many historic house and gardens are found so simply fit beautifully.


Concerned with quality and provenance and equipped with UK textile manufacturing experience, Green & Heath was born. The name is derived from a combination of Ellen’s parents’ surnames and a love for the countryside. Greens and heaths are open, uncultivated grassy spaces, where many historic houses and gardens are found.


Although Green & Heath believe in making beautiful homeware and soft furnishings they also know that beauty is not only skin deep. So they source their materials locally wherever possible which also means that their products come with zero air miles, helping to keep their emissions low. The William Morris fabrics they use are printed on natural fibres and all of their cushions are plumped with 100% British wool, the most eco-friendly filling available.


Green & Heath are on a mission to make beautiful homewares as green as possible.


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