British Made Hair Brushes

When your hair needs looking after we have curated hair care products to do just that. Our British made hair brushes are designed for all hair types. So there should be a well made hair brush just for your type of hair and style. Whether you are looking for a handmade military hair brush? A traditionally made styling brush for your long mane? Or simply a small styling brush for your handbag or for that matter man bag for when you need a quick fix. We have a wide variety of hair brushes that will fit the bill perfectly.


All of the brushes that we purvey have been produced in Britain and have been made traditionally. The natural bristles are meticulously wire laid into the brush by hand. Using an age-old method known as hand drawing. This skill is handed down through the generations. And a skill that needs real patience. Then the bristles are also trimmed by hand too. Creating slightly uneven lengths of bristles. This aids the brushing of your hair and helps distribute the natural oils found in your hair. Making everyday hair care just that touch easier and helping your hair shine and look its best.


Each brush is designed for everyday styling. Each brush also comes with handmade ergonomic handles to make brushing your hair a more comfortable affair. We don't purvey every British made hair brush you can imagine. But we do purvey a wide range that should suit all hair types and styles. From flowing locks that take a while to get right to a military short back and sides that need to be precise. Discover hair brushes for both men and for women suitable for your hair care routine. So, you should find something that fits the bill right here on Sir Gordon Bennett.