British Made Hand Creams & Foot Creams

The amount of work your hands and feet have to do in a day is astonishing. That is why they could do with a touch of hand and foot care. Whether you spend hours in the garden digging or planting. Time at the potter's wheel creating your next master piece. Rambling across the valleys and vales of Britain. Or simply the day to day toils of living a full and active life. Your hands and feet need a little bit of love from time to time. They probably take the most punishment of any part of the body.

That is why we have curated some of the finest British made artisan ointments, lotions and creams for both hand and foot care. From hand made sugar scrubs that are vegan friendly and paraben free, which can dry out your skin. (Not good for hand creams and foot creams) Which helps get rid of unsightly loose skin, whilst smoothing and nourishing them. To hand creams and foot creams that not only make your skin soft to the touch, but lovingly keep the skins' natural oils in your skin. To hand sanitiser spray that are of course part of any hand care routine in the present climate. And soothing natural hand cleanser.

None of the British brands we stock are tested on animals and most are vegan friendly. We insist that they are made from natural ingredients. And are made in small batches across Britain to ensure they are of the highest quality. As with everything Sir Gordon Bennett purveys we believe in goods that not only work better but are better for the environment. Whether the ingredients come from the sea like Haeckels or from the land like the lavender in Farmers'. Choose British made hand and foot care that is as good for your skin as it is for our green and pleasant land.