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Ethical Luxury Wool Beanies, traditionally crafted in Grimsby

Izzy Lane is pioneering British ethical luxury brand. Ethical wool is the heart of the brand. The brand started when Izzy began building up her own flock from ‘rescue’ sheep that would have otherwise been put down or discarded. The flock has now grown to over 600 and all of the wool comes from these sheep. Which is about as traceable as you can get. The sheep in the flock are mainly Shetlands and Wensleydales due to the quality of their wool. The flock now live out a peaceful existence in the Yorkshire Dales.


This really is small batch manufacturing and Lizzy only produces as many items as her flock will allow. Making each item very special indeed. British wool deserves to be more prominent in clothing. And at Sir Gordon Bennett we are delighted to help Izzy Lane get their voice heard. Helping the British textile industry and also the welfare of sheep in the process. Each wool beanie is handcrafted with love from her own flock in Grimsby on hand-frame looms.


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