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Handcrafted Unisex Clothing

Pajotten make contemporary, workwear inspired, sustainable clothing, repeatable in alternative cloth and made to order in thier Kent studio. All pieces are designed, cut, made and finished there and to reduce our environmental impact they make most garments to order rather than holding unsold stock.


They are keen that fabrics and trimmings are sourced from UK mills and suppliers, or as deadbolt and they are increasingly introducing organically produced cottons, hemps recycled cloth and tencel. The aim is to reduce waste, so scrap cloth is used either to make bags or given to a charity for recycling.


  • Pajotten

    Workers shirt – cotton/hemp – blue

  • Pajotten

    Traditional chore jacket in a brushed cotton canvas – Indigo

  • Pajotten

    Short Sleeved Field Dress deadbolt linen – Blue

  • Pajotten

    Studio Dress in Navy