British Made Garden Fun

The British garden. A place we all love to be. But it is not all work, work, work in the British garden. We also love to spend time with our loved ones. To play, relax and enjoy the smell of the roses. There is something very British about laying on garden blanket, smelling the grass whilst looking up and counting the clouds as they drift by on a summer's day.

To honour the British garden we have curated a selection of British made garden games that are fun to play with those loved ones.  Items that will make those sunny days that bit more enjoyable, if that is possible. Whether that is a game frightfully lovely game of croquet. A rather lazy game of badders. Watching the kids getting their hands dirty teaching them how the the plants grow. Or British made outdoor dinning accessories. The famous English garden is a place a of discovery, relaxation and a place to of play in many different ways.

We are on the hunt for more British made garden games that are not only fun to play. But are traditionally handcrafted that will make time spent in the garden even more fun for all ages.  If you happen to know any that fit our ethos of...look beautiful. Be made well. Work as intended and British made. Then please to contact us as we would love to help more people play more in a British garden. You can email


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