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Mightier than the sword. The perfect minimal writing tool.

There is no closer connection to who we are, than getting our ideas out of our heads and into the world, than the simple act of writing them down. The very act grounds them. Makes them real. Gives them validity and lets others into our grey matter.

Ajoto know this all too well. Their mission was to create a simple yet beautiful instrument. So perfectly balanced that you won’t want to put it down. You’ll want those thoughts to keep tumbling out. Their pens are for the journey of life and in fact the name Ajoto is an abbreviation of ‘A journey to’.

It may seem like a retro thing to do, to write down your thoughts but there is nothing retro about Ajoto pens. Their design ethos is to use the finest possible materials from those suppliers and craftsmen that are at the top of their game. Utilising machinery that is normally reserved for aerospace and F1 manufacturing. Most of the component parts and engineers who bring them to life come from these Isles. From aluminium extrusion and paper in Cumbria. Anodising in Buckinghamshire. To deep laser engraving in Sheffield and then all lovingly assembled in Manchester at the head office. In fact, 30 factories across Britain are used in the process of making these beautiful objects.

The idea to create the perfect pen for life’s journey came to Chris Holden after he set up his own design agency. The tool that was closest to his heart was inevitably the pen. The one object that has a single simple use but a far more complex process to manufacture. He was joined by Tim Higgins and that’s where the Ajoto journey really began. Each pen is a joy to use. The attention to detail is exquisite. The journey starts at the un-opening of the packaging. In your hand, the pen feels just right, weighted to perfection whichever material you choose. Then as you explore it more, it is the fine details that really make it stand apart from other pens. Hidden messages, unique makings and symbols surprise and delight. But that is just the beginning of your journey with the pen.

The materials used are designed to become part of you, as you get down your thoughts you will be at one for years to come with an Ajoto. Whether you choose, aluminium, brass or stainless steel you will have always have a companion for life’s journey.


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