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Luxury Men’s Socks

One of the finest makers of luxury men’s socks, every great journey starts with a first step in Corgi Socks.

Since 1892 Corgi have been making luxury men’s socks in Ammanford, Wales. That is a lot of experience creating socks that have been slipped onto the feet of Royalty and the proletariat alike. It all began with Rhys Jones creating socks for Welsh miners. These thigh high woollen socks were designed to keep miners warm during long ‘days’ underground. Rhys Jones then moved into ‘Sunday Best’ socks for the local colliers to visit chapel. As their reputation grew Corgi began manufacturing socks for the British Army in both the Great War and WWII.

Now, Corgi has a reputation as a manufacturer of the best socks for men. Their dedication to luxury has steeped them in associations with the Crown, with a close relationship with British Royalty, and made their British socks synonymous with high-quality and tradition. So when you’re looking for gift socks, know that Corgi is a foot above the rest when it comes to luxury men’s socks.


More Than Just Gift Socks

All these years later, Corgi’s connection to the British Forces hasn’t waned. Corgi now produce the Regimental Range that was commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales in aid of Combat Stress. A charity that helps servicemen that suffer from mental health problems that accumulate from combat.

And with a pair of Corgi British socks, you’re not just gifting finely crafted socks, no. You’re treating your loved one to luxury men’s socks that have a close relationship to the British royal family - socks that are renowned for being the best socks for men around.

The relationship with the Crown officially began when HRH The Prince of Wales bestowed a Royal Warrant in 1989. In recognition of creating the finest socks that are supplied to the Royal Household. Corgi still use many traditional techniques and older machines, including a very rare 125-year-old Griswold hand-knitting machine. Which was originally purchased by Rhys Jones, with all of the links in the toes hand crafted.

This family business from Carmarthenshire is still run by the great grandson and great granddaughter of Rhys Jones. And are as committed as ever to producing the finest socks your feet will love. They’re more than just the best socks for men, they’re the best socks. Period.

Make that first step in life’s journey as comfortable as it can be with Corgi Hosiery.