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Dents make the finest handmade gloves combining contemporary design with traditional skills since 1777

Dent’s are probably the oldest fashion manufacturer still trading in Britain. They have been producing gloves for almost 250 years. It all began in Worcester where John Dent started to manufacture gloves of supreme quality in 1777. Dents grew under the leadership of his sons John and William and they embraced the industrialisation of Britain. In 1884 Dents became Dents, Allcroft and Co and under the stewardship of John Derby they became the premier glove manufacturer in the world. In their pomp they made 12 million gloves a year exporting to the globe, supplying the finest department stores across Europe the Americas and Australia.

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Although Dents use modern techniques to make their standard lines, their heritage collection that SirGordonBennett purveys are all still handcrafted in Warminster, Wiltshire by master leather workers where the company is still based.

Historically Dents still use patterns that date back to 1839 and have played their part in history too. Dents have made gloves for the Royal family hence the Royal Warrant. These include Queen Victoria, George VI and most famously they made the coronation glove for Queen Elizabeth. Lord Nelson was famously also a patron. In more modern times Dents created, at the request of and with help from Daniel Craig, the Fleming black driving gloves he wore in the movie Spectre, which can be purchased here at SirGordonBennett. They also created the gloves for both Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson in the 1989 Batman movie.

Dents pride themselves in the skill of its workers and the process of making Dents gloves are very demanding. Some gloves take 50 processes to make and those that are lined are actually two gloves sewn together; the inner and outer which makes for a better fitting glove that will last much longer.[/expander_maker]