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Dick Winters make quintessentially British luxury underwear, with a cheeky dash of humour.

Underwear is often a forgotten part of the discerning man’s attire. It is hidden from the world. But nothing adds comfort or confidence like a pair of perfectly fitting trunks.

Claire Henderson and Emma Neilson launched the brand Dick Winters in 2013. As a result Dick Winters began, like many companies do out of frustration. The frustration of not being able to find luxury men’s underwear that was wholly British made. They were also tired of what they called ‘abs fatigue’, the perennial way luxury underwear brands market themselves with 6 pack, muscle bound models.

Their ethos is simple. Produce sustainable, ethical, luxury men’s underwear that is manufactured in Britain by skilled craftsman and women. All of their fabrics are woven in Britain too. Sourcing materials and a workforce abroad makes no sense when Britain has so much talent right on its doorstep. The Dick Winters’ collections are all produced in factories in Scotland, therefore supporting the skilled British workforce. That in their opinion and ours is second to none.

The brand comes to life with wit and charm in a distinctly British way. Their collections have names that raise a wry smile. Dicks of Distinction includes Clever Dick, Lucky Dick, Sporty Dick, Rock Dick and for the more mature gentleman Old Dick.

Isn’t it about time you treated your old feller.


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