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Farmers' crate skincare inspired by the labours of Welsh hill farmers’.

Provence may conjure up images of fields of lavender. But in the heart of Wales those images come to life through Farmers'. It all began when Bill Newton-Smith the Oxford philosopher and Nancy Durham, who was previously a war journalist found out they could obtain a grant from the Wales Government. This grant was for Welsh farms to diversify. Claiming £1000 they planted their first field of lavender, in fact the first in Wales.

Farmers’ came to life in 2012 after Nancy gave a speech on lavender farming at a Grassland Association talk. She had been growing lavender in Powys since 2003 and was experimenting with body creams from the lavender oil. The Farmers who attended the address were immediately drawn to them. They expressed that the toil their work took on their hands and also the strong smells they have to deal with needed just such a brand. And hey presto, Nancy came up with the name Farmers’ Hand Cream on the drive home.

Nancy and Bill now distil all of their lavender in their hill top farm. Then send it to North Wales where Helen Lowe designs and create Farmers’ products. Helen then returns them and they are bottled and labelled back on the farm.

Bill and Nancy now class themselves as Farmers’ and if their products are good enough to ease the skin of hardened Welsh hill farmers, then it should be good enough for you.


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