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When it comes to gifts for Londoners what do you get those that live in the 'Smoke'? Those who live in the global city that is open 24 hours a day. Where you can get pretty much anything you want, in any colour you want, at any time of the day. All that choice can be bewildering for Londoners. But everyone, even Londoners like to be given a gift where the choice is taken out of their hands.

We are not talking about gifts such as Union Jack fridge magnets or a plastic black cabs toy. No. We are talking about gifts that they will actually want in their lives. Gifts for Londoners that are actually useful. Gifts that will enhance their life in London. And something that will last.

For example, which Londoner wouldn’t love a hand made Fox Umbrella? Made in South London by master umbrella makers. Who have made umbrellas for JFK, Peaky Blinders and The Royal Family to name but a few. The famous London rain doesn’t stand a chance.

And which Londoner wouldn’t love a Stolen Form London Brick Vase? Handcrafted in East London with the original mould taken from the famous London brick. They might not have a garden but a London Brick vase brings the outside in and is a real talking point in any room. They also make the perfect gift for someone just moving to London for the first time.

Maybe that Londoner you are buying a gift for works in the arts or in a start up? Then Hoxton Mini Press has the perfect gift for them. Those that are cutting their own path through the smoke.

London is a grimy place and we are not talking about the music style. The hustle and bustle of living in London means any Londoner needs to look after their skin. Luckily the artisan skincare brand Kokomelt create luxury skincare in East London that would make the perfect gift for Londoners.

Whatever gifts for Londoners you are looking for? Sir Gordon Bennett is constantly on the look out for gifts that not only look beautiful. But are made well and last longer thus have less of an impact on the planet’s resources<


Gifts for Londoners

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