Quality Leather Gloves

Whether you’re planning on taking the scenic route home in your classic car, enjoying a walk through the bustling city or simply want to celebrate that uniquely satisfying feeling of well-made gloves, we have everything you need.

We bring together a selection of the finest handmade gloves from British brands for both men and women. Our tweed and leather gloves are beautifully handcrafted with excellence at the heart of the process.


Handmade Leather Gloves With A Difference

From quality leather gloves, to English driving gloves and comfortable tweed gloves we celebrate the true craftsmanship that goes into the humble glove. With textiles and leathers originating from some of the finest manufacturers in Britain Our collection of British made gloves are the perfect example of the type of quality that only deft skills and dedication to the craft of traditional glove making can produce.

The leather gloves that we stock are made using the finest leather, including Hairskin, which is widely regarded as the finest leather for gloves, coveted for its elasticity, smoothness and supreme comfort. While the tweed originates from some of the highest quality textile mills left in Britain. Whose dedication to crafting materials is second to none.

These gloves are designed to accompany you on your journey through life, made with care, skill and a great love of upholding tradition. Wherever you go, you’ll be thankful you decided to celebrate these British brands with us.

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