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Selling the English coast. Haeckels is the story of a modern apothecary.

We all love to be beside the seaside and Haeckels of Margate take this one step further. They create products that are manufactured from the natural resources that our glorious coast has to offer, mainly seaweed.

Haeckels of Margate is the brainchild of Dom Bridges, film maker, volunteer beach warden and proud resident of Margate.  He began making soaps and beard oils in his kitchen in 2012 with his wife Jo for himself and friends. Using seaweed he had foraged along the Kent coast.  He was, and still is disillusioned with the cosmetic and skin care corporations; their production values and ethics. They just don’t sit well with him. So, he gained one of only two government licenses to harvest seaweed from the English coast. Dom is very proud of this achievement and takes that responsibility very seriously. Haeckels of Margate are very active in marine preservation, organising beach cleans and taking part in marine conservation surveys.

Haeckels of Margate use only local botanicals that are not found anywhere else in the world. Which includes bladderwrack, a seaweed that has amazing health benefits. They are then distilled and hand crafted in their wonderful clifftop lab in Margate. All the products in the Haeckels of Margate range are tested on themselves, strictly no animal testing. So you can be assured that it works.

They have created a complete skincare and home care range that is as good for you, as it is for the environment.