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Halcyon make the finest classic car, motorcycle and aviation goggles money can buy.

Feel the wind in your hair, the rush of adrenalin as you pull through the gears, as the engine purrs along a clifftop. Every classic enthusiast loves this feeling. The feeling of exhilaration driving or riding something old yet timeless. Maybe it is a BSA or a convertible Triumph TR3.  Whatever your mode of transport those feelings are priceless, that is why the vintage car and classic bike market is going through a purple patch. But just having the classic car or bike of your dreams isn’t enough. To really appreciate them you should have matching accessories that fit the time and place. Like Halcyon Goggles.

That is where Halcyon Goggles come into their own. Traditionally made, hand crafted and machined to help transport you not only physically but emotionally to a certain time and place. Where manufacturing was king.

Halcyon Goggle are made in low batches, with the kind of detail only a British manufacturer could offer. They are a dedicated team intent on producing the finest goggles you can buy. From the leatherwork through to the brass work their attention to detail and craftsmanship is outstanding. Halcyon Goggles have been copied all over the world, but no other goggles can deliver such a first-class experience with a such a unique, heritage look.

So, get you motor running and get out on the highway.


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