Heather borg header with leather bag

Timeless, handcrafted leather bags.

Beautifully crafted leather goods has been a mainstay of British craftsmanship since time in memorial. Heather Borg creates timeless leather goods that are designed with simplicity in mind with a classic design ethos. Made from some of the finest Bison and Kodiak leather that has a supple,  distinct tactile quality and has a luxurious, distinctive texture to look at. Each bag is an individual piece due to the nature of the leather used.

Bison leather is known for its strength and durability whilst Kodiak is soft and durable. Each item is handcrafted and the purses and wallets are hand stitched with wax cotton that adds a touch of modernity through its colour. Heather Borg makes her beautiful leather bags in her studio in Manchester.