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Take a bow. Kent Brushes the oldest hairbrush manufacturer in the world.

Kent Brushes are one of the oldest companies in the world, let alone Britain. That is something to crow about. But they have also been granted a Royal Warrant for 9 successive reigns. So, when it comes to the finest brushes, they know a thing or two.

Kent Brushes has always believed in craftsmanship. It is at the heart if their business. When the world has turned to mass manufactured processes, Kent Brushes have stood firm. Stuck to what it knows best. Doing things right. With skill and craft. Many of their premium products are still made the way they have always been. A labour-intensive method that is often frowned upon by modern industrialists. But Kent Brushes know that their reputation, as not only the world’s first hairbrush manufacturer but also the finest needs to be safeguarded.

The story of G.B Kent and Sons starts during the reign of George III in 1777. William Kent founded the company and was still in the Kent family up until 1932. That is 6 generations. Then the last of the last 3 remaining Kent brothers passed away. Following this G.B Kent and Sons merged with Cosby Brushes Ltd. Since then Kent brushes has been under the stewardship of the Cosby Family. Their ethos still remains the same. To create the world’s finest brushes using as much British craftsmanship as possible. Their bristle and boar hair brushes are still hand pulled in Hertfordshire. Meaning that real craftsman and women use their years of passed down skills to create a brush that is individual, yet designed to be as perfect as the next.

A Kent brush is likely to last a lifetime if treated well.  It is not unheard of that a Kent has been handed down from generation to generation. ‘I am too poor to buy cheap’ is an adage that would fit Kent brushes to a tee. 


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