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Post-gym ointments developed through a personal story.

Kokomelt came about not through some brain haired idea get rich quick scheme but to solve a problem. Deborah Spink found that other products just weren’t solving this problem. Deborah was a body builder, who would spend hours at the gym lifting weights and doing stuff that would generally put the rest of us to shame.

But Deborah suffered from eczema and seriously dry skin after pumping iron. She tried a whole heap of other products to relieve the problem but to no avail. So, like all go getters she took the job on herself and began experimenting in her kitchen. And Kokomelt was born.

Deborah claims that most skin care products have water as their main ingredient but to get the nutrient oils to mix, parabens and emulsifiers are added. These chemicals can ironically dry out your skin. After many experiments using pure plant, natural seed oils and butters, she hit on a winning combination. The lotions she had created amazingly eased her skin problems.

Kokomelt as a brand are as ethical as they can be. They are proud of their certification from Vegan Society. Will not sell their products in any country that by law you have to test on animals. Plus they are also an active member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

With many new products under development, Kokomelt are a true believer in working with British manufacturers and creating a sustainable British cosmetics industry.

And no, you don’t need to be a gym bunny or muscle man to use Kokomelt, it just proves how good the products are that they can deal with tough, intensive workouts.


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