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Traditional Garden Twine

Nutscene 1922 is the gardeners' original secret weapon.

The story of jute twine, or garden twine, is entwined (pun intended) with the history of Dundee as much as jam and journalism is. At one time there were an estimated 131 jute processors in and around Dundee. Nutscene being one of them. The industry employed over 50,000 women workers. In fact, Dundee was nicknamed ‘Jutoplolis’.

Robertson Ireland ltd was established in 1922 just before the mighty crash of the jute industry. They produced jute twine, hessian sacks and gardening ancillary products. They patented the Nutscene brand in 1930, that is still loved by gardeners and horticulturists the world over. It’s name derives from the green twine being ‘not seen’ when used in the garden. The pull from the centre spool was a sensation and sales of this jute string began to grow rapidly.

The high quality garden twine that Nutscene manufacture is a staple for any green-fingered fanatic, casual grower or dedicated horticulturist. With its superior quality and foundation in British history, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate this good and green land than by using Nutscene’s jute twine.


More Than Just Jute Twine

Nutscene ensured that Dundee, and indeed the UK, stayed on the map when it comes to jute string. Their dedication to maintaining high quality, and re-establishing Dundee as one of the leading places for jute.

In the 1900’s, Dundee saw a crash in the jute industry, as the growers of jute in India realised they too could manufacture, and so the jute twine factories began to dwindle as production moved to places like Calcutta and the skilled workers of Dundee followed the industry with promises of promotions and pay rises. The twine, hessian sacks and canvas industry fell from grace. This was one of the hardest times for Dundee as an industry as unemployment reached record highs.

However, Nutscene is still based near Dundee, Forfar to be precise, and they still use the same machinery and jute spools that were used all the way back in 1922. You only have to look at Nutscene’s packaging to understand its British heritage.

There is still no other jute string that can compare to Nutscene for quality, strength and softness. But they are not stuck in some misty eyed past, and are always trying to improve their offering, innovating and inventing all of the time.

Like any great British brand with a wealth of history, Nutscene takes its social responsibilities seriously and has forged a wonderful relationship with a mill in Bangladesh that supplies the jute. The mill has been nationally praised for worker welfare and care and has won numerous awards for exportation.

So why look anywhere else for your garden twine? Nutscene is perfect if you are plotting to potter around the potting shed...