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Risdon & Risdon handcraft aprons with a lifetime guarantee

With Risdon & Risdon you get a lifetime guarantee, not many companies are willing to stick their neck on the line like that anymore. But Carla Risdon and her sons Alex and James believe in their own skills, the skills of their suppliers to deliver superior raw materials and in their beautiful yet practical products.

Carla has a background in textiles and needlework and on a visit to San Francisco she had an epiphany. She fell in love with the industrial style aprons the baristas and café workers were wearing.

On returning to England she rolled up her sleeves and hatched a plan. Then began building a collection of aprons that combined ‘function, strength, simplicity and style’ as she puts it. Carla was stitching the aprons but she had to outsource the leatherwork. Inspired by his mum Carla, Alex began to experiment with leather craft and finally gained not only the experience but he also nailed the leatherwork skills to join his mum in the business. Not long afterwards James, the elder of the siblings finished his University degree in Graphic Design.  He joined the fold, creating the look and feel of the brand. The triumvirate was complete and Risdon & Risdon was officially born.

They are based in leafy Shrewsbury in Shropshire not far from Ironbridge and Coalbookedale; the birthplace of the Industrial revolution. So, it is fitting that they create artisan workwear that is a sturdy as the men that shovelled coal, ore and sand into the blast furnaces.

To hark back to the heritage of the local area even more, they have named their colour schemes accordingly. Trade Brown, British Navy, Heritage Grey well you get the picture.

Their attention to detail is where Risdon & Risdon really hit the proverbial nail on the head. They source their suppliers very carefully, so they are good on their promise of a lifetime guarantee.

The denim used is Candiani Denim, a mill established in 1938 just outside of Milan where they produce the most sustainable denim available.  They come in rolls and are hand-cut in house. The leather comes from Italy and is the most durable possible, then manufactured into the straps, again in house. It is produced with natural tannins to help it age beautifully. A small foundry in Walsall manufactures all of the metalware, buckles, clip hooks and studs. They have been producing casting since 1832 and hold a Royal Warrant of Appointment.

Risdon & Risdon are on a mission to create an apron that you could quite possibly pass on to your sons and daughters. So successful have they been in creating these mini masterpieces that celebrity chefs have taken them to heart. Jamie Oliver has been seen sporting one, the 2017 Masterchef finalists donned them and so have Britain's Best Home Cooks. But these are not just aprons for baking an apple pie, although they would do an excellent job, these are aprons for rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck into to anything. BBQ, gardening, woodworking you name it.

Because the more you do in them, the better they will age.


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