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Silvine Originals are true British icon, that will transport you back to double English or dreaded double math.

If there is one logo that we all remember from school, it is probably the laurel wreath of Silvine. That elegant midnight blue mark sitting on post box red work books. It brings a sense of nostalgia. But it isn’t just school that this nostalgia comes flooding back from. Many of us probably remember our parents having Silvine note books and memo pads. Just lying next to the bakelite rotary telephone in the hallway. Those who had builders, plumbers, butchers or even candle stick makers in their family may also remember Silvine notebooks popping out of top pockets. A place for quotes, notes and even diagrams.

Silvine Originals are back which is  wonderful news. After stumbling through Silvine’s archives they realised that this iconic brand deserved to come back to life. Created in the traditional manner like they have always been created.

Their story starts over 175 years ago in Otley, straddling the border between North and West Yorkshire, behind a blue door where they still make them. Each book in the collection is still manufactured using the same machinery as they did 6 generations ago. Using Singer sewing machines to stitch the spines. The paper comes from Cropper Mill in Kendal, another British company that is in its 6th generation of ownership. The detail to the original note books is certainly stunning. From the natural white, slightly textured 90gm2 paper that adds a little personality to your writing, through to the 300gm2 red dyed covers that are perfectly colour matched from the 1960’s all the way to the perforated edges that make removing pages simple.

Every book that leaves the Silvine Works is made with true love, care and dedication.


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