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St Eval Candle Company create natural scented candles that turn any house into a home.

There is something soothing about lighting a candle and relaxing. As its scent creates an ambience where you can just lie back and drift into your own thoughts. And when that candle has such a deep ethical and environmental understanding like St Eval Candles do, then you know that you are doing something not just for yourself.

St Eval Candles set their standards high. Born on a farm in Cornwall in 2012. They understand nature and all the goodness that comes from it for that reason they want to protect it. Their mission, to do what is right for their own environment without compromising on the superior quality of their candles. The St Eval Candles workshop is powered by three main sources. The quietest wind turbine in the country. PV solar panels installed on their workshop roof, furthermore the run a bio mass boiler, which all equate to St Eval Candles almost being carbon neutral. Their beautiful packaging comes from recycled sources too. They work closely with the RSPB to help preserve many rare birds that nest around the farm. This all leads to becoming a sanctuary for wildlife for generations to come.

St Eval candles' ethical stance is not the only thing that makes them special though. It is also the age-old techniques and craftsmanship they use to produce such delightfully scented and long burning candles. The main drawing of their longer candles is done by a beautiful 1947 machine. It draws the wax gently around a huge wheel and then the candles are cut by hand into the correct lengths and then whittled to expose the wick. All of St Eval’s tin candles are hand poured, which is a labourious process but delivers by far, a superior candle.

Furthermore St Eval's scents take their influence from it the great British countryside. Their inspiration is taken from all around them, from traditional Apple & Elderberry and Hawthorn & Briar, through to more modern scents like Tomato & Basil and Sea Salt. Their ever-expanding scent range is a joy to the olfactory system.

Light one up, close your eyes and be transported to the Cornish countryside. We can’t wax lyrical enough about St Eval Candles.


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