Stolen Form London Brick Vase and London Brick Dish header

Stolen Form are not just another brick in the wall.

The humble brick. You could say it built this nation. From the satanic mills of Lancashire, to the fire breathing factories of Birmingham through to the row upon row of terrace houses that line the nation in military fashion. There is something so standard about the brick. They surround our lives but we take them for granted. But it is an iconic design object that Stolen Form, a design studio set up in London in 2012 by designer Christian Marsden believed needed a little more attention.

Using traditional techniques, he re-cast and re-appropriated the simple brick into an object of desire. A vase for flowers and a simple dish that has many uses. Both would sit pride of place inside the four brick walls we call home.

Each Stolen Form product is hand-made in slip-cast earthenware ceramic and finished off in stunning colours that will fit any household. You will love the design aesthetics of Stolen Form, we brick you not.


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