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We all have an adventurer in us. And the William Whiteley & Sons Expedition Scissors are designed for outdoor adventures. Lightweight offset handles specially designed with additional features including an integral bottle or tin opener plus a built-in nutcracker. The Expedition Scissors have curved blades provide extra accuracy and strength. One is micro-serrated for extra grip and the other with a notch for cutting through bones. They are beautifully made by hand and traditionally hot-forged by craftsmen and women in Sheffield. They truly are Made in Britain. The have an extra coating of durable ceramic Tetrabond to deliver very high durability and extend their life.


Suitable for almost anything you can throw at it. Whether fishing, camping, grilling, hunting or backpacking. Ideal for cutting a variety of tough substances such as wire, rope, plastic packaging, fishing line, meat, bones and herbs. The perfect companion scissors for a any budding Bear Grylls. Comes in a wonderful presentation box too so make a wonderful gift that will last a lifetime.


William Whiteley are the oldest surviving scissorworks in the western world and have been making scissors since 1760.


Made in Sheffield

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Weight255 g
Dimensions21.8 × 7.8 × 1.1 cm

Whiteley & Sons


Made in Sheffield




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