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The Nutscene Twine Gift Box is a wonderful small gift set for the gardener or crafter in your family, or in fact for yourself. The Nutscene Twine Gift box consists of 4 balls of coloured  jute twine and a pair of sturdy and very sharp flower scissors. All come in a lovely heritage brown box.


Each Ball of twine  is 30 mts in length of 3ply twine, 3 stands twisted.  The twine is 3 mm thickness. The Flower snips are 4" long, and are called  Butterfly Scissors because of their shape. The "Kindest Twine" label has been recreated from the Nutscene archives.


Please note  the twine colours may vary from those in the image. Each ball is similar in size to a small apple. The Craft box is 6 cm deep x 22.5 cm long x 14.5 cm wide.


Nutscene have been involved in processing twine since 1922 from its small mill in Dundee to its current location in Angus.


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