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Traditional Copper Kettle

Tea is a sacred ritual, treat it as such with the Richmond Kettle Company.

Rosie Lee, brew, builders’, cuppa, char or simply tea. There is almost nothing more British than putting the kettle on. A good brew solves all of life’s problems. Especially when you are drinking tea from an exquisite copper kettle. Richmond Kettles know this better than most. For more than 100 years they have been making whistling copper kettles the traditional way. Hand spun and hand crafted with love. Each stovetop kettle is an individual piece of art. A one off. The process takes weeks to create these masterpieces.


Well-verse in crafting the perfect British made kettle, Richmond Kettles are manufactured in Norfolk. And have been gracing the country’s kitchens since Edwardian times. In fact, they have been lovingly producing the whistling copper kettle since the Ritz started serving afternoon tea. And thus made the art of tea drinking a national institution. Richmond Kettles have been chosen by HM Queen Elizabeth’s Tea Tasters to produce an 8-pint beehive kettle for the royal household. That is a lot of tea, for a lot of dignitaries. And such is the country’s obsession with tea, we believe you should have the perfect British made kettle in which to brew it. Each cup is a ritual, after all, a nod to this tradition that we have adopted - so surely you should enjoy your brew from a traditional whistling copper kettle for that perfect finish.


The joy of the stovetop kettle is that over time they become part of your family. And begin to take on an individual look of their own. The nature of copper means that its colour changes as used and with age. Giving them a distinctive colour all of their own. A patina develops, where a green and brown film starts to cover the surface of your stovetop kettle. This makes the pieces from Richmond Kettles even more gorgeous. When you buy a copper kettle from Richmond Kettles, you’re buying a meticulously crafted piece of British tradition. A statement, if you like. So why not make it a good one?


As Boy George once said ‘I would rather have a cup of tea than sex’ and when using a Richmond whistling copper kettle who could disagree. So, put the kettle on.


A Splendid British Stovetop Kettle