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Sir Gordon Bennett Purveyor of Royal Warrant Holders

The history of the Royal Warrant can be traced back to medieval times, when competition for Royal favour was intense and the Monarch had the pick of the country's best tradespeople. By the 15th century, the Lord Chamberlain, as head of the Royal Household, formally appointed tradespeople with a Royal Warrant of Appointment – a practice that continues to this day.


In the 18th century, Royal tradesmen began displaying the Royal Arms on their premises and stationery. In 1840, the Royal Warrant Holders Association was formed. Scroll through the timeline to discover highlights from the history of the Royal Warrant, stretching back from the present day to its early origins..


The Association is not part of the Royal Household, but belongs to its members. It advises members on everything to do with their Royal Warrants and assists with the correct interpretation and implementation of The Lord Chamberlain's Rules, which govern the Royal Warrant.


At Sir Gordon Bennett we are proud to supply brands that hold the coveted Royal Warrant. But holding a Royal Warrant isn't simply enough. These Royal Warrant holders must still manufacture in Britain. Which unfortunately some do not. But the ones that do still manufacture in Britain we will endeavour to purvey.


We truly believe in the original conception of the Royal Warrant. The stamp of approval fro the country's finest tradespeople and craftsmen. The brands we purvey still uphold this tradition. From Kent Brushes that still handcraft the world's finest brushes and hold 9 successive Royal Warrants. Dent's glove of which we hold thier heritage range, hand made in Wiltshire. Kaymet tray which was a favourite of the Royals since the 1950's but only recently gained their Royal Warrant. And of course Charles Farris who not only supply the Royal household but the glorious institutions of St Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.


We will always be on the look out for more Royal Warrant holders to purvey on Sir Gordon Bennett because we believe that you deserve craftsmanship brands that are fit for a Queen.


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