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Limited Edition Illustrated Art Prints & Ceramics

Ruth Emma Fox is a celebrated illustrator. Considered design and locally crafted products, Ruth Emma Fox’s illustrated pieces combine both contemporary and traditional illustration practices. This way of working is one in which Ruth has perfected for over a decade. Forming a portfolio of bespoke work and commissions, as well as a curated illustrated range. When combining Ruth’s crafted illustration with tailored, high-end manufacture, the result is unique, lasting design that is considerately made. Bringing contemporary decorative arts into your daily life and home.


Carefully sourced ceramic and art prints are chosen for their lasting abilities that balance practicality with endurance. Each item is adorned with illustrations that celebrate how we make, craft and grow. Each design celebrates a narrative and a history that is particular to Britain. Considered, high quality manufacture is at the core of celebrating the illustrations that they showcase.


For example, the ceramic cups are made by a team of highly skilled people who work within the historic English potteries. Each stage is undertaken by a different person with their own set of expertise. Ruth’s fine bone china cups are screen printed and the designs are carefully applied by hand. In the final stage they are hand-dipped and selected. With a human element, each cup has been lovingly made whilst supporting English manufacture that’s only a short visit from home.


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