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Luxury Handbound Notebooks

Hit the right note, with lovingly handcrafted notebooks from Stamford Notebook Co

You can jot down things on any old bit of paper, an old envelope or even the back of a beer mat. But to set yourself up for greatness and give your mind the right place to wander, you need Stamford Notebooks. A luxury notebook that looks and feels just right. One that is designed to be as great as your thoughts. Stamford Notebooks have been pouring their heart into the manufacture of their handmade notebooks for decades. So you can pour all of your greatness into them.


In the 1950’s Peter Spiegl moved from London to the glorious Georgian town of Stamford, Lincolnshire. ‘England's most attractive town’ exclaimed John Betjeman. There he set up Spiegl Press. Its aim? To deliver high quality commercial printing and bookbinding. The first step in the creation of the now iconic Stamford Notebooks. Now, each handmade journal contains high quality pages made in Britain. Wrapped in handcrafted, beautifully soft woven cloth to bind the whole thing together. Because sure, anything can qualify as a place to jot your thoughts or craft your next masterpiece - but, is it a Stamford notebook?


The present day Managing Director Hugo Spiegl began working in earnest at 13 on the printing press floor, whilst still in school. The chugging of the printing presses in his ears and the smell of the ink in his nostrils. His passion for artisan printing and bookbinding lead to the creation of The Stamford Notebook Co. And their exquisite handmade journals.


Through true craftsmanship, dedication and sourcing the finest materials. Stamford Notebooks create handmade journals that are truly a thing to adore. All are lovingly handcrafted by craftsmen and women using traditional presses and machinery. Coupled with the occasional modern bit of kit, thrown in for good measure to ensure longevity. All this produces the kind of quality feel that you can only get high quality, well-treated materials. This is the standard when it comes to the luxury notebooks crafted by The Stamford Notebook Co. Each handmade journal is a work of art, capable of inspiring thoughts and work from you. When you go to write in them, equal to the dedication and talent in producing them.


The notebook has long been the accessory of choice for distinguished thinkers, lovers of words, the cultural and the academic. Stamford Notebooks are the quintessential example of what happens when a beautiful item is made beautifully; and because each handmade notebook is crafted in Britain, we think that makes them even more special. The Stamford Notebook Co have one mission. To create handmade notebooks that are a joy to hold, use and of course allow you to unleash your greatness. They make the perfect gifts for book lovers, wordsmiths and those who just want somewhere stunning to write their shopping lists...


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