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Handcrafted Classic Scissors Made in Sheffield

Officially William Whiteley & Sons have been making scissors for over 260 years, since 1760. Unofficially it is thought the family have been making them much longer than that. Which make William Whiteley & Sons the oldest Scissorsmith still in existence in the western world. And two of the original founder's ancestors are still part of the management team at William Whiteley. In fact they are the 11th and 12th generation.


In 1876 they also Incorporated Wilkinson Scissors into William Whiteley which was founded by Thomas Wilkinson who was Sheffield’s Master Cutler and invented the ‘sidebent’ scissor. The two Royal Warrant holder scissorworks of Sheffield were now united.


Being a company with a history like that, they should know a thing or two about making the finest scissors you can buy. And they still live up to their original slogan "Manufacturer of the Celebrated Tailors Shears and Scissors". With each and every pair of classic scissors still hand crafted using traditional techniques. That have been lovingly handed down from master to apprentice. And as they come from Sheffield, the birthplace of stainless steel, they have a lot to live up to, which they do so admirably. Sharp, precise and a joy to use. William Whiteley & Sons' scissors are the go to scissors and shears for Saville Row and celebrated tailors throughout the world. And the Queen even owns a pair of gold plated embroidery scissors. Which were given to her when she opened up the Sheffield Winter Gardens in 2003. When presented with them she ignored usual protocol of handing gifts to her lady in waiting. And instead snook them straight into her own hand bag.


But it isn't just traditional scissors and shears that they manufacture in Sheffield. Anything that requires a precise blade is within William Whiteley & Sons remit. From Chef's cleavers to gardeners pruners and classic pocket knives. They create products that not only work as intended but have a classic design aesthetics. Whether you choose their classic kitchen scissors or a pair of household scissors they will last you a lifetime, if treated right.


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  • william whiteley Expedition scissors 8.5 inch expedition scissors black adventure outdoor scissors
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Expedition Scissors

  • GOLD PLATED EMBROIDERY SCISSORS, william whiteley small godl scissors made in sheffield
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Gold Plated Embroidery Scissors

  • william Whiteley Garden Pruners, green handled garden pruners, small secateurs for the garden
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Garden Pruners

  • Whiteley fishermans kit white background 1000x1000 1
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Fishing Kit

  • william whiteley STORK EMBROIDERY SCISSORS, stock neddlework scissors, made in sheffield
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Embroidery Stork Scissors

    William Whiteley & Sons

    Embroidery Epaulette Snips

  • william Whiteley chefs cleaver knife, damascus cleaver knife, large kitchen knife made in sheffield knife
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Damascus Cleaver Knife

    William Whiteley & Sons

    Curved Nail Scissors

  • william whiteley classic kitchen scissors, william whiteley kitchen scissors made in sheffield
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Classic Kitchen Scissors – 8.5″

  • William Whiteley bbq turner barbaque spatula, bbq spatula, grill turner made in sheffield
    William Whiteley & Sons

    BBQ Turner

  • William WHITELEY 7 INCH SCISSORS , household scissors, silver made in sheffield scissors
    William Whiteley & Sons

    7 inch Household scissors

  • William Whiteley household scissors, 6 inch silver house scissors made in sheffield, craft scissors
    William Whiteley & Sons

    6 inch Household Scissors