British Made Workwear

Workwear to Sir Gordon Bennett is not about business suits. And work is not  about boring meetings. Far from it. When Sir Gordon thinks about work it is about making, crafting and creating. Whether that is for a living or for pleasure.  With that we believe that the workwear you should adorn should be something that inspires you to make. Our British made workwear is designed to not only look good but also be durable and comfortable.


Whether you are working in the garden, working in the studio or working in the workshop. What you wear is part of the process. When you put on your handcrafted overalls you know you are ready to be creative. When you slip a Yarmouth smock over your head you are in the zone.  And when you wrap a handmade apron around your waist you set your mood and your mind is focused on the task of making.


All of the British clothing brands take the task of making seriously. They believe in making better. Using fabrics that are more durable. Without losing any of the modern heritage style we insist on. Sir Gordon Bennett carefully selects the workwear brands we work with to have the same ethos as ourselves. Their workwear should look beautiful. They should be made well. They should do the job intended and made in Britain by skilled craftsmen and women.


Choosing to buy British workwear is not simply choosing to buy British for the sake of it.  Buying British made work clothes is a vote for products that are made better, with better materials which means they are better for the environment. We all know that clothing is one of the biggest factors in environmental issues. But if you choose well these workwear items will last for years. And can be fixed and mended when they do wear a little . In fact we would argue that they look better lived in. Every nick and mark is an expression of you enjoying your craft or work.

Wear British made workwear and go create.


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