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Sterling Silver Writing Instruments

Today Yard O Led is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine pens and pencils, as well as one of the most historic craft workshops in Britain. The story begins over over 200 years ago with the founding of a goldsmith in London by Sampson Mordan, an associate of the groundbreaking scientist Michael Faraday. Mordan would shortly go on to patent the world's first propelling pencil in 1822, which he dubbed "ever-pointed". This patent would later be acquired by Edward Baker & Company of Birmingham.


Over the years, the Yard O Led portfolio expanded from pencils to pens, becoming masters of both. Today in the Birmingham workshop, a small number of dedicated craftsmen assemble and decorate every one of Yard O Led's exquisite writing instruments by hand. Some of these masters have been with the company for over fifty years, and each brings their own distinctive style their work, making no pen or pencil exactly like any other..