British Made Bags

Who doesn't love a bag? Bags are so varied and come in a myriad of shapes sizes, colours and uses. With that we have curated a collection of British made bags that perform many a function. From nipping to the local market to pick up some supplies. To Friday night going out bags. And backpacks for rambling and ambling the valleys and vales of Britain. The one thing these British made bags have in common is that they are all handcrafted with love. By master craftsmen and craftswomen utilising years of practice of their craft to create beautiful bags.


Whether that is a hand made leather bag for a special occasion, a canvas bag for the everyday or a leather satchel that is as much high fashion as school days. All of the handcrafted bags we purvey are made in small batches by craftsmen and women of Britain. Whether you are looking for a classic man bag or for a new ladies bag for work? Each British made bag has been made to perfection and will last for years to come. As with most things that have been handcrafted, they will in fact get better with age. And they will become your bag, the nicks, marks and general wear becomes a map of your life with the handcrafted bag.


We only select British brands dedicated making their bags as durable and beautiful as possible and have a wonderful story to tell.  All the British made bags we purvey use only the finest materials to make sure you get value for money as well of heaps of style. We are sure you will get many jealous glances and questions on where you got your bag. So, if you are looking for that new British made bag? Whatever the occasion and use, then we have bags of them, so bag yourself one today.


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