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About US

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the world of Sir Gordon Bennett. A destination to tickle your fancy for all things designed and manufactured in these sceptred isles. A place to discover modern heritage goods made in Britain. Connecting you with designers, makers and manufacturers who care deeply for the products they make. Helping you buy less yet buy better. Products that are crafted to last and have less of an impact on the planet's finite resources. Made well. Made to Last. Made in Britain.


Maybe we will introduce you to some brands you have never heard of, or reintroduce you to an old favourite that slipped your mind. We want you to say ‘Gordon Bennett’ I didn’t know Britain still made that. And when you open each delivery ‘Gordon Bennett’ that is just splendid.


Sir Gordon Bennett isn’t about following some fashion monkey. It is about honest, well made products, that last longer, look gorgeous and work better; through good old-fashioned attention to detail. Great design and craftsmanship can put a smile on faces and make the everyday just that bit better. As William Morris said ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ But we don’t think he went far enough, this should also pertain to life in general.

Our mission is to promote made in Britain craftsmanship and manufacturing.


There has been too much idle chit-chat of the demise of British manufacturing. But we believe that is, to put it frankly…tosh. Britain is still the 9th biggest manufacturing economy in the world, that directly employs 2.7 million people. A fact that naysayers don’t like to mention. Huge industrial scale operations may have shrunk but in its place are makers and brands that still manufacture.  They manufacture with skill, craftsmanship and panache that is amongst the finest you'll find.


These are the brands we want in our lives and I hope you will want them in yours too.


This isn’t some jingoistic, xenophobic idea that Britain is the only place that makes beautiful products. Although, it is acknowledging that the skills and artistry of our manufacturing industry is still bountiful in small workshops and ateliers across Britain. We believe that that we should buy more products from these Isles. Not only is it good for the economy, jobs and local communities but it is also good for the environment.


Having travelled the world whilst working, one thing stood out and that was ‘Made in Britain’ or 'British Made' is still a byword for quality. Synonymous for classic design (and maybe a little eccentricity). So, whether a brand is 200 years old with a Royal Warrant. Or a two years old with a right royal future, there will be something on Sir Gordon Bennett that will brighten up your days.


The goods we purvey all have British provenance. Everything you buy you can trust has been thoroughly checked out and certified ‘Made in Britain’. We are like kids in a sweet shop when it comes to trying out new products so they pass our own quality control. Where an item has parts not produced in Great Britain we will do our damnedest to inform you on the description page.


We have a four cascading columns for a product to be on SGB. They must look beautiful, be made well to last longer thus have less of an impact on the planet's finite resources, do the job intended so they don't end up in the back of a cupboard and British made, we call it 'Modern Heritage'  Other 'British Made' sites claiming British provenance are often only British designed, this unfortunately is known as 'Britwashing', whilst we adore the thought that Britain is one of the world's design studios; we also think that the crafting and making of these products on these shores is just as important.

Gordon'sBUGLE is a place to discover more.


As you journey through Sir Gordon Bennett and marvel at the sumptuous and useful items that Britain makes, we also want to help you understand the glorious history of culture, design and manufacturing that Great Britain has given to the world. Gordon’sBUGLE is written to inspire, amuse and maybe sometimes bemuse. All in the pursuit of knowledge, entertainment and of course great British design.

Tally ho!