When you buy from Sir Gordon Bennett we want you to feel like you are also making the right choice for the environment too. That is why we believe that buying better made products that last longer, which do not have to travel half way around the world to get to you is the way forward. And with that we believe that everyone should do their bit to reduce their footprint. We want to keep this green and pleasant land just that green and pleasant. As they say every pound you spend is a vote for the type of world you wish to live in. 


To do our bit, all of our packaging is thought through to make as small an impact as possible. Our boxes come from 80% recycled material and 20% wood from sustainable sources, that are FSC approved. And would encourage you to re-use our boxes if at all possible; like sending Auntie Trixie her birthday present in it.


We have also thought long and hard about void filling, one of the main culprits when it comes to non-essential packaging. We hate poly peanuts and plastic air bags, so use British Wool from Blue Faced Leicester sheep for fragile objects. Not only is it environmentally friendly but is great for British sheep farmers. After enough orders from Sir Gordon Bennett you may even have enough wool to knit a pair of socks.


Our envelopes, compliment slips and any flyers we may put into our boxes will also have come from recycled material. Our gift cards are eco-cards that degrade in the natural environment after 39 months. Not quite ‘self-destruct in 5 seconds’ but they wouldn’t be much good if they did. Our tissue paper also comes from recycled material, post industrial waste to be exact but don’t let that scare you off


Anything we can do to help minimise our footprint without ruining your customer experience is our ultimate aim. We constantly try and improve our green credentials, we know they are not perfect but if you have any queries or suggestions then say hello