British Made Mother's Day Gifts

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We can all agree mums are special. They gave us life, put up with us in our terrible twos and those teenage angst, door slamming years.  So, this Mother's Day give them something special. Below you'll find a curated selection of British made Mother's day gifts that they will treasure. And every time they use it, it will remind them of you. Show your appreciation and love with gifts made with craftsmanship and love. And don't forget the flowers too.

  • Burleigh Pottery

    Pale Blue Felicity Breakfast Cup Gift Set

  • Charles Farris redolent fig luxury candle, fig scented luxury candle British made scented candle
    Charles Farris

    Redolent Fig Scented Candle

  • Gallivant Perfumes

    Tokyo Eau de Parfum Spray

  • brit stitch milkman satchel stormy sea grey blue leather satchel, made in wales grey leather bag

    Stormy Sea Milkman Satchel

  • brit stitch milkman satchel stormy sea milkman bag, handmade grey leather satchel made in UK hand bag

    Stormy Sea Half-Pint Satchel

  • Synchronome Clocks

    Maria Blue Factory Clock Roman Numerals

  • ruth emma fox watering cans small © all rights reserved
    Ruth Emma Fox

    Watering Can Limited Edition Print 10” x 12”

  • Legacy Silverware

    Concorde Gin and Tonic Knife

  • GOLD PLATED EMBROIDERY SCISSORS, william whiteley small godl scissors made in sheffield
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Gold Plated Embroidery Scissors

  • william Whiteley Garden Pruners, green handled garden pruners, small secateurs for the garden
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Garden Pruners

  • william whiteley STORK EMBROIDERY SCISSORS, stock neddlework scissors, made in sheffield
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Embroidery Stork Scissors

  • haws rowley ripple copper kettle two pint indoor watering can
    Haws Watering Cans

    Rowley Ripple Copper Watering Can

  • Multi spot teal scarf bronte by moon, abraham moon teal scarf merino wool scarf in teal
    Bronte by Moon

    Multi-spot Scarf – Teal

  • 4160 Tuesdays Eau my soul, niche fragrance, made in Uk perfume
    4160 Tuesdays

    Eau My Soul Eau De Parfum Spray

  • Turquoise kaymet cocktail serving tray, kaymet trays with gold rim S18 serving tray in aluminium

    Turquoise S18 Tray

  • stamford notebooks fawn woven cloth notebook front
    Stamford Notebook Co

    Fawn Woven Cloth Notebook

  • copper whistling kettle
    Richmond Kettles

    No3 Copper Whistling Kettle

  • unison colour classic 18 pastel set, artists soft pastel set, beginners pastel set handmade soft artist pastels made in northumbria
    Unison Colour

    18 Soft Pastel Set

  • unison colour classic 18 pastel set, artists soft pastel set, beginners pastel set handmade soft artist pastels made in northumbria
    Unison Colour

    18 Soft Pastel Set portrait

  • unison colour pastels 8 soft pastels for landscape, british made pastels set for beginers
    Unison Colour

    18 Soft Pastels Landscape

  • with love project food the love of food british food book cooffee table book on british food and artisan british food
    With Love Project

    For The Love of Food

  • New Stolen Form London brick vase, London Brick Vase
    Stolen Form

    Yellow London Brick Vase

  • Nutscene

    Rustic Slate Label Gift Set

  • Nutscene

    Essential Garden Gift Set

  • nutscene wooden seed box of mini coloured jute twine, made in scotland

    24 Mini Jute Spools

  • hoxton mini press hackney studios jenny lewis hoxton mini press photo book inside creative studios, workshops in london hoxton mini press cover
    Hoxton Mini Press

    Hackney Studios | Jenny Lewis

  • Haeckels seaweed bath salts, made in kent relaxing bathing salts
    Haeckels of Margate

    Stress-fix Soaking Bath Salts

  • welsh lavender all over collection farmers' skincare range made in wales

    Farmers’ All Over Collection

  • Acme whistles sterling silver whistle necklace, silver ladies necklace with working miniature whistle, thunderer whistle necklace
    Acme Whistles

    Sterling Silver Whistle Necklace

  • Batsford Books

    100 20th Century Gardens & Landscapes

  • Batsford Books

    100 20th Century Houses

  • classic harris tweed school tuck box

    Classic Harris Tweed Tuck Box

  • coast eau de parfum nich perfume made in wales
    Wales Perfumery

    Coast – Arfordir Eau de parfum

  • Farmers’

    Farmers Perk Up Gift Set

  • If sold separately £58.49

    Gift Box For Her

  • golden lily william morris fabric lavender eye mask
    Green & Heath

    Golden Lily Eye Mask

  • Green & Heath

    Golden Lily Hot Water Bottle

  • william morris lap tray fabric wool inners golden lily green and heath
    Green & Heath

    Golden Lily Lap Tray

  • Thackray Brown

    The Rose Luxury hamper

  • SGB gift card product shot
    Sometimes the gift of choice is the best gift of all. Because there are those women in our lives that are impossible to buy gifts for. That is why we also have Christmas gift vouchers. Giving a Christmas gift voucher isn’t the easy way out and in fact it is where the gift voucher comes…

    Gift voucher for her

  • Issy White

    Bronze Acorn Necklace

  • Issy White

    Silver Acorn Necklace

  • Issy White

    Silver Pearl Acorn Earrings

  • Issy White

    Small Silver Bark Hoop Earrings

  • Issy White

    Bronze Bark Cuff

  • Issy White

    Silver Bark Cuff

  • Risdon & Risdon

    Factory Red Apron

  • Risdon yellow canvas cork apron 1
    Risdon & Risdon

    Sunflower Yellow Canvas Apron

  • ajoto aluminium 18ct rose gold pen front

    Aluminium 18ct Rose Gold Pen

  • concrete drinks coaster
    Concrete & Wax

    Teal Concrete Coasters

  • Coniston stonecraft oblong book ends, large stone bookends, slate bookends
    Coniston Stonecraft

    Large Slate Bookends

  • heather borg Italian green leather tote bag
    Heather Borg

    Green Italian Leather Tote Bag

  • Heather borg Kodiak leather purse wallet, leather wallet, small leather purse made in Uk
    Heather Borg

    Brown Kodiak Leather Purse

  • heather borg brown leather handmade purse made in UK
    Heather Borg

    Brown Kodiak Leather Purse Zip

  • Izzy Lane

    Grey Beanie

  • Fieldware Co waxed cotton apron midnight, dark blue cotton apron
    Fieldware Co

    Midnight Waxed Cotton Bib Apron

  • Fieldware co crossover midnight waxed cotton apron, handcrafted waxed apron, British made crafters apron, garden apron
    Fieldware Co

    Midnight Waxed Cotton Crossover Apron

  • beige lyonesse rib sweater on women on beach made in cornwall
    Blacker Yarns

    Lyonesse Rib Sweater Knitting Kit

  • light brown guernsey jumper with women on beach made from cornish yarn
    Blacker Yarns

    Traditional Guernsey Knitting Kit

  • Roebuck Estates

    Estate Trio Gift Set

  • Redolescent hive niche perfume on grey background
    Redolescent Perfume

    Hive Mind Eau De Parfum 50ml


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