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Classic Glycerine Soap Made in Britain

Droyt's create extraordinary glycerine soap, with an even more extraordinary history.

As a brand with a history linked intrinsically with British history, Droyt's Soap have been making classic glycerine soap that is loved all over the world. No one understands the importance of creating the most natural glycerine soap in the Britain than Droyt’s. Their traditional soap has stood the test of time. As they have moved from Belarus, Russia, to Berlin. And now are proudly based in Lancashire in the Great Britain.


After an illustrious journey, England became their home in 1937. A former yarn mill in Chorley, Lancashire, to be precise. Here Droyt's Soap saw the success of their classic glycerine soap grow steadily. Although post war rationing hampered their growth. They did what they could to survive making tooth powder to cough medicine. Glycerine Soap production only began once more in the late 1940’s. And their classic natural soap was a hit all over the world. Droyt's soap filled the shelves of some of the biggest department stores, from San Francisco to New York, including Macy's.


Their beautiful soaps are still manufactured in the same way that they have since 1907. Hand cut using the same early 20th century equipment to create a timeless natural soap that is as good now, as it was then. Hand cut and lovingly crafted, each bar of their natural soap will easily find a home in your bathroom and in your hands, with its soft-feel, great smell and timeless aesthetic.


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    Vegetas Glycerine Soap

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    Classic Glycerine Shaving Soap

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    Droyt’s Soap Collection


Introduce Some Self Care With Traditional Glycerine Soap

We all know that cleanliness is close to Godliness, right? And Droyt’s Soap create natural soap in the Britain that perfectly encapsulates the simple, universal pleasure of cleanliness. Top that off with a good, solid fragrance, traditional methods of making glycerine soap that haven’t changed since the 1900’s and you’ve got Droyt’s Soap.

They are now located in Chorley, Lancashire but their journey to the North West in one that needs to be told. Under the name of The Victorian Fine Soaps Works they began making traditional soap in Minsk in Belarus in 1893. They moved in 1913 to a factory in Saratov on the banks of the Volga River as the company grew. After the Russian revolution the company was forced to move and made their new home in Berlin, in a factory just off the Kurfurstendamm. They changed their name to Danico until 1937 where the course of history took hold once more and they were forced once again to move country, to England. And the rest, is history, as they say.

The classic Droyt's Soap range still uses the same formula that they became world renowned for in the 1920’s. Using their own secret formula passed down the generations. Their classic glycerine soap boasts the eau de cologne and rose fragrances first developed in the 1920’s.

With the additional complimenting Vegitas range, a vegetable-based soap which is suitable for vegans, introduced in the 1980s. Droyt's Soap emulate the notion that good quality needs very little tweaking. Their beautiful glycerine soaps are still manufactured in the same way that they have since 1907. Hand cut using the same early 20th century equipment to create a timeless soap that is as good now, as it was then.